Privacy Policy

We value your privacy. That's why we've written this policy to let you know what we do with any personal information we collect.

In short, we only collect and use the email addresses of LECO employees, and we treat those very carefully.

Information we collect

We only collect or process LECO email addresses.

These are considered personal information because they contain names.

If you enter a non-LECO email address then it will not be recorded in any way.

How we get it

If you sign into any privileged page then you'll be asked to enter your LECO email address.

What we do with it

These are the things we do with your LECO email address:

We sign you in

We temporarily store your LECO email address in a record while we verify that you are a LECO employee.

That record:

  • Is transient. It gets deleted when you click the link that was emailed to you. It also expires and gets deleted after a short time, usually less than an hour.
  • Is secure. It is encrypted at rest, with the encryption key kept in a separate, secure, location.
  • Has no correlated data. It has no accompanying data which could be correlated with other information about you.

We display your email address to you

As long as you are signed into this website, your email address is stored in your browser. This lets you see at a glance that you are signed in.

Signing out removes your email address from your browser, as does clearing website data in your browser.

We authorize you to do certain actions

As long as you are signed into this website, you have an authenticated identity. This identity contains your email address.

This identity gets sent to our servers when you perform protected actions. For example, some pages require special permissions, and so your identity is sent to our server to perform those actions.

Your identity does not get stored anywhere by the server.

Third parties

We use a third-party emailing service called SendGrid. We use them to send an email containing a sign-in link.

You only get this email when you request one by entering your email address into a sign-in prompt.

We have specifically configured our usage of SendGrid to limit the amount of tracking that they perform. For example, links that you receive via email do not point to a SendGrid server which logs and then redirects you, but point directly to our servers.

Their privacy policy is available here:


We do not use cookies at all.

Some cookies may remain in your browser from older versions of this website, but they are not used. Feel free to clear those from your browser if they are present.

Local storage

We do use your browser's local storage.

As long as you are signed in, your LECO email address is stored there.

Local storage is very different than cookies. The contents of your browser's local storage are not transmitted every time your browser does something, as cookies are. Instead, your email address is selectively read and sent to the server only as required to perform certain protected actions.

To remove your LECO email address from your browser's local storage, simply sign out or clear your browser's website data.


We perform analytics to learn how this website is used. This helps us improve this website over time.

We collect information such as your browser version and what kind of device you are using. We also pay attention to how you navigate through this website.

The information we collect is anonymous and cannot be correlated to identify you. For example, we do not track your email address or your IP address in relation to page views. Instead, you are assigned a new random "session" each time you refresh the page. This random ID is then tracked through various actions and as you navigate within this website.

We do record unplanned errors so that we can fix them. These are rare, and we make every effort to keep personal information out of error messages.

Young people

We do not process personal information of minors. This is because we only collect email addresses of LECO employees.